NEW Natural GazeTM Design

with maximal peripheral and binocular view for natural visual orientation

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Mobile: Full
Wireless Control

for observation of live gaze traces and annotation in real-time

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Proven: 100,000+ participants

Highly robust 60Hz eye tracking technology proven in a broad range of applications

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Versatile: Special
Application Modules

Versatile tool with specific application modules, e.g. for Corrective Lenses, Virtual Reality, Neuromarketing and Cognitive Workload

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SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless
- 5 Reasons to Choose:

  • NewNatural GazeTM head gear design with maximal peripheral and binocular view
  • Full wireless control for observation and annotation in real-time
  • Highly robust binocular 60Hz eye tracking technology proven with 100,000 users
  • Specific application modules and SDK
  • Packages starting at 9,900 Euro / 11,900 USD

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SMI ETG 2w Packages

starting at 9,900 Euro/11,900 USD

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April 8-10, 2015

Laval, FR

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May 13-16, 2015

Salt Lake City, USA

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